Going Strong - Downtown Sarasota Location


Celebrating over 20 years in continuous business, Sarasota Architectural Salvage continues to be an iconic destination shopping experience.   Our unique showroom is filled with both architectural elements like doors, windows, and lumber, combined with amazing vintage finds, collectibles, and handcrafted or unique artifacts from around the globe.

There has been some confusion. But rest assured, we are open!! The Circus City Architectural Salvage closed, and you have to drive past it to get to SARASOTA ARCHITECTURAL SALVAGE. Also, we did close our Pop-up store at University Park next to Fresh Market.


We moved our iconic channel letter signage from our UP location, to our Downtown Sarasota Location.  They signage looks awesome lit up, and all the letters and the raceways are 100% recycled/reused.  With LED illumination, it's also energy efficient.

So hop in your truck, or borrow one, and come see us!   (delivery also available).

Jesse White