About us

Jesse White founded Sarasota Architectural Salvage (SAS) in 2003 with an environmental mission to preserve valuable & historical materials from being destroyed, upcycling, and creating great jobs for great people.

Blending expertise gained as the owner of an independent consulting firm offering recycling solutions to government entities and his penchant for the environment, antiques and architectural elements created the perfect match for a retail salvage store. 

Jesse and his team find a steady supply of rotating stock by locating buildings slated for remodeling or demolition, and then removing anything and everything of value. They work cooperatively with historical societies and preservation groups. The result is an eclectic mix of architectural antiques and furniture, décor, garden art and building materials. 

Items range from door knobs to chandeliers and are sourced both domestically and internationally. The company also offers custom wood and iron furniture fabricated from salvaged materials. 

Jesse is a noted philanthropist directing thousands of dollars to non-profit organizations, accepting consignments on behalf of local non-profits, and providing numerous in-kind donations.

"One of my favorite pieces in right now is this amazing Egyptian Hand Carved Door, which could easily be repurposed as a wall hanging or headboard."